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We have 50-years history with Finebubble (Microbubble, nanobubble)
It was discovered 50-years ago by chance・・・


ASUPU CO.,LTD Manufacturer of Micronanobubble generator.
We are located at the foot of Mount Fuji, a world heritage.
Large capacity SMX series
Application to water purification, cleaning, culture and fermentation
Sanitization and deodorization
Micronanobubbles drift like a cloud in the water
Wide variety of gases such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, ozone, carbon dioxide, chlorine dioxide, chlorine, etc.can be bubbled stably and in high concentration.
Tabletop generator MA series
Compact generator AS series
Hydroponics, horticulture, animal husbandry and aquaculture
Wash away the dirt such as sebum in skin・・・・・ Beauty
Our company has the technology accepted in the world.

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We have the longest history of 50-years among companies in this field.
We have over one thousand customers and having good relationships.
We support your business and your dream !

We also welcome the order of special specification product such as heat-resisting, specializing for high viscosity liquid, made of fluorine, built-in unit and so on.
OEM supply is also available.

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Corporate information and a reference.
1033 Shimotogari Nagaizumi-cho Suntou-gun Shizuoka
JAPAN 411-0943
Call to (81)55-989-7704
FAX (81)55-988-6221

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